Perceived stress and academic achievement a

Many of the studies we have researched looked at how gender may play a role in how a child can cope with this stressful process. This could have led to making more generalized and conclusive statements about beliefs and strategies in relation to academic performance of Liberian students.

Bernard, Free, Compulsory Education: In addition to gender, parenting style may play a large role in how offspring adjust to a divorce. While some students have good study habits, some have poor study habits resulting in high and low performance respectively Ikegbunam, The result also showed significant relationships between the two constructs.

One of the most widely acknowledged theories on this topic is the self-determination theory. It has been observed that students have many obstacles to overcome in order to achieve the optimal academic performance.

Giving credence to this assertion, Ahmed, Riaz and Ramzon [ 5 ] expressed that stress in academic institutions can have both constructive and pessimistic consequences if not well coped with.

Since students are at the core of learning process, a study tailored to their motivations and strategies and factors hindering their learning is imperative as students themselves play pivotal roles in shifting their own learning and acquiring enhanced academic achievement.

Children of divorce in the s: These factors included academic motivation self-determinationalcohol use, procrastination, perfectionism, perceived stress, and coping style.

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Not-for-profit Liberian research institutions like FREE Liberia, higher education entities, and scholars should be supported morally or financially to routinely conduct empirical research projects in the country and disseminate findings thereof.

Methodology Research Design For the purpose of this study, a descriptive survey was employed. Considering that probability sampling was used, our sample may not be representative of the population of college students at this university.

Following the completion of the survey, participants were kept confidential and were not re-contacted. Dornyei [ 13 ] argued that motivation explains why people decide to do something, how hard they are going to pursue it, and how long they are willing to sustain the activity.

This is, however, contingent on the sort of beliefs they hold. This periodic research will serve as an assessment tool toward the identification of stressor among students that will help the educational administrators, lecturers, supervisors and guidance counselors and other health-related stakeholders to monitor and control the stress level of students.

In contrast to AmatoKirk found that no difference among gender was statistically significant. Our hypothesis was supported, considering that those of stronger parent-student relationships reported a higher GPA.

The Young and the Stressed: Stress, Impulse Control, and Health in College Students

The adjustment of children with divorced parents: Kirk focused on young children experiencing parental divorce and found that since these children had not yet matured, adjustment would improve in the future.

The current study aims at determining nursing students’ emotional intelligence and its relationship with students’ perceived stress level and their academic achievement. Descriptive corelational cross-sectional design was used to survey nursing students (63 Stream I and 55 Stream II).

An ongoing concern for educators is the identification of factors that contribute to or are associated with academic achievement; one such group of variables that has received little attention are those involving stress. The relationship between perceived sources of stress and academic achievement.

Parental Divorce and Student Academic Achievement

Matti Meriläinen and Matti Kuittinen, The relation between Finnish university students’ perceived level of study-related burnout, perceptions of the teaching–learning environment and perceived achievement motivation, Pastoral Care in Education, 32, 3, (), (). Root Kustritz, MV' Pilot study of veterinary student mindset and association with academic performance and perceived stress ' Journal of Veterinary.

participants in self-efficacy and academic performance. The results of determine the relationship between self-efficacy and academic performance. The aims of this study were to define the also found that the perceived self-efficacy increases academic achievement in a.

low level of perceived stress.

Nursing students perceived stress and academic achievement: The role of emotional intelligence

Anice James and Marice () investigated the influence of academic stress on the achievement of the XI standard students. The results indicated that girls performed better than boys in their level of achievement.

Perceived stress and academic achievement a
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The Young and the Stressed: Stress, Impulse Control, and Health in College Students