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Each year the Straus Institute defines an annual theme that serves as the overarching subject around which the annual fora, colloquia and conference are set. Centers and institutes[ edit ] NYU Law is home to many centers and institutes, specializing in various areas of law.

Speak to a financial aid advisor from NYU for more information. This has caused, even with the addition of a substantially sized engineering school, for the acceptance rate to significantly drop.

NYU offers programs that might help you expand on what you know now. A follow-up article found that while some conditions had improved, contractors for the multibillion-endowment university were still frequently subjecting their workers to third-world labor conditions.

Bobst Library also houses the Tamiment Library, which holds collections in labor history, socialism, anarchism, communism, and American radicalism for scholarly research. Health and Human Services Programs Quality health care depends on the availability of an educated, well-trained workforce.

New York University

Not only is this one of the most fascinating and dynamic fields of science, but it also provides a springboard for a wide range of opportunities for graduate study and exciting career choices. If you are a recent graduate with ambitions to prepare more fully for a global career in business and management, then this program will fulfill your requirements The building was designed by Morris Adjmi Architects.

Whether you are entering the education field or are an experienced practitioner who wants to build on your skills, NYU offers a variety of interdisciplinary programs.

Below are a few highlights. An abundant selection of academic resources await NYU grad students. The building's West 3rd Street facade incorporates the remaining part of the facade of a townhouse that Edgar Allan Poe lived in from tonear the site where the house originally stood, the result of a settlement between NYU and preservationists who objected to the university's plan to tear down the building, which had already lost two stories from the time that Poe dwelled there.

With disciplines as diverse as education, computer science, social work and environmental conservation, NYU may have a perfect program for a variety of student needs.

Columbia University in the City of New York

Cultural setting Washington Square and Greenwich Village have been hubs of cultural life in New York City since the early 19th century. The Teacher Education portfolio within Academic Affairs also includes grant-funded programs, research initiatives and policy issues.

The courses are taught by skilled and experienced lecturers with proven expertise and credentials in corporate marketing and sales The expansion started in earnest in with the groundbreaking of Mercer Streeta new multi-purpose building that will act as the flagship athletic facility for NYU, while also accompanying a bed Residence Hall, 58 general purpose classrooms and a seat theater.

Exact dates might be found on individual program pages. Wilf Hall[ edit ] Wilf Hall, at Macdougal Street, houses approximately a dozen of the schools centers, programs and institutes as well as the admissions offices Graduate and JD.

The University rented out studio space and residential apartments within the "academic" building. Its litigation component litigate criminal cases or cases having implications for the administration of criminal law, particularly cases in which the exercise of power and discretion by prosecutors raises substantive legal issues.

Duke Building at 1 East 78th Street. The library is visited by more than 6, users each day, and circulates more than one million books annually.

At other times, students pursue their courses and receive guidance through university mentors.

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CUNY continually prepares a large, culturally diverse pool of qualified health and human services personnel in areas such as nursing, social work, nutrition, speech pathology, and mental health counseling.

May 28 - August 18, Learn, explore, and experience all New York University and New York City have to offer with one of our unique Summer Programs! Glossary of Schools and Institutes.

Arts & Science – this can refer to the undergraduate College of Arts & Science, the Graduate School of Arts & Science, or both.

CEH – this is the Center for Experimental Humanities. Courant – this is the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences. CUSP – this is the Center for Urban Science and Progress. Gallatin – this is the Gallatin School.


New York University School of Law

SUNY Downstate Appoints New Dean of School of Public Health Kitaw Demissie, M.D., Ph.D. and nationally-recognized public health leader brings four decades of academic and investigative experience.

World-famous astronaut, engineer and author Capt. Scott Kelly ’87 will return to SUNY Maritime College to discuss his first book, “Endurance,” with members of the freshman class on Tuesday, November 6.

The Office of Academic Affairs manages these efforts in collaboration with the New York City Department of Education and other organizations. Health and Human Services Programs Quality health care depends on the availability of an educated, well-trained workforce.

The City University of New York’s commitment to the education of all New Yorkers begins long before the start of freshman year. Through its School-College Partnerships, CUNY invests substantial human and financial resources in the service of public school students and out-of-school youth.

New york university academic program and
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Academic Programs – The City University of New York