A comparison of ozone depletion and global warming

National Science Teachers Association, 7: THus global warming happens. UV radiation represents a small percentage of the energy from the sun, and is not highly absorbed or scattered in the atmosphere—especially when compared with other wavelengths, like infrared.

Comparing global warming to ozone depletion

What is difference between global warming and ozone. Tree rings, pieces of old coral, and cores taken from glaciers and from mud at the bottom of the ocean provide scientists with samples of atmospheric changes that go backyears. Electromagnetic energy coming from the sun is absorbed by the Earth, which radiates some of this energy outward as infrared energy heat.

US manufacturer DuPont acted more quickly than their European counterparts. With less ozone, more UV-B rays reach earth's surface, harming humans and other animals as well as plants.

In other words, heat-trapping gases contribute to creating the cooling conditions in the atmosphere that lead to ozone depletion. Carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases rise into the atmosphere and spread around the globe, like a blanket wrapping Earth.

For example, students use colored transparency film and painted cans to learn about the transmission, absorption, and reflection of light energy.

To help them understand the model, students can decorate the bottles with magazine images to represent different sources of CO2.

The atmosphere acts like a multi-layer shield that protects Earth from dangerous solar radiation. Prentice Hall, ; J. The EU shifted its position after Germany, which also has a large chemical industry, gave up its defence of the CFC industry [4] and started supporting moves towards regulation.

Without global warming, or in the absence of the green house effect to trap the heat down here, there will be no reduced temperatures high up in the stratosphere which is the main condition that will lead to ozone depletion.

This situation is commonly referred to as the green house effect.

Difference Between Ozone Depletion and Global Warming

The IPCC now predicts that the average global temperature will increase by 1. They generally last until the sun comes up in the spring. The IPCC is an interesting experiment in international and scientific consensus building and government cooperation.

She had just been looking at the record of average surface temperatures of the Earth. But to make everything clear, these two phenomena are not the same and neither is mainly caused by the other Lindsey, The ozone layer allows some energy in and some energy out.

At the poles, CFCs attach to ice particles in clouds. With less ozone there is less heat released, amplifying the cooling in the lower stratosphere, and enhancing the formation of ozone-depleting polar stratospheric clouds, especially near the South Pole.

GLOBAL WARMING OZONE LAYER DEPLETION AND GLOBAL WARMING. The ozone layer acts as a giant sunshade, protecting plants and animals from much of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiations.

Ozone forms a layer in the stratosphere, km above the earth surface. If the ozone in the atmosphere from the ground level to a height of 60 km could be. Oct 19,  · Best Answer: Global warming is the blocking of infrared light from the ground from escaping to space increasing the temperature of the planet due to more greenhouse gasses in the air, primarily carbon dioxide.

Ozone depletion is the reduction of ozone in the upper atmosphere that would normally screen out Status: Resolved. Society; 9 Global Connections; and 0 Civic Ideals and Practices.

5 The purpose of this article is to describe some of the basic science that underlies the issues of global warming and ozone layer depletion, elaborate the rationale for including these issues in social studies, and provide related suggestions for social studies instruction.

Ozone depletion refers to the thinning and loss of ozone whereas global warming refers to the widespread warming of average temperatures across the globe. The ozone layer allows some energy in and some energy out. The ozone protects us from UV-B rays, which can be very harmful (these are the rays that cause skin cancer).

Ozone Depletion vs Global Warming. In the layman’s approach, ozone depletion and global warming is mostly the same thing. However from a more detailed look at the two issues, it is clearly evident that both of them mean absolutely two different things.

Is There a Connection Between the Ozone Hole and Global Warming?

Ozone depletion and climate change, or Ozone hole and global warming in more popular terms, are environmental challenges whose connections have been explored and which have been compared and contrasted, for example in terms of global regulation, in various studies and books.

A comparison of ozone depletion and global warming
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